Richard undertakes very few commissions, preferring instead to produce his work based on specific themes.

Any commissions would be to create a piece of artwork for personal display and would need to fully embrace Richard's style of photography, the use of black and white film and remain within a subject area of interest.

A personal commission would comprise of a shoot session photographed on black and white film, the developing of the films and provision of digital contact sheets to select one image to print.

The price includes a single image produced as a handmade platinum-toned salt print up to a 16" x 12" image on 20" x 16" paper. A one-off original artwork, signed, dated and numbered as an edition of 1 of 1, complete with a certificate of authenticity.

Whilst copyright remains with the artist, a signed non-disclosure agreement is included as standard. No images from the session will be shared in public without prior written permission.

Prices start from £1995 plus any additional expenses.

If you are interested in commissioning work please complete the contact form below with a brief description of your requirements.

Thank you.

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