I guarantee all my limited editions are strictly adhered to.  An edition will always be five near identical handmade, original prints together with a single artist's proof.  I issue a signed certificate of authenticity with each of my limited-edition prints.

My process involves making numerous test prints from a portion of the negative until I'm happy I am achieving the best print possible.  I then produce a full-sized print which becomes my artist's proof.  I record all the processing details and create five more almost identical prints based on this initial print.  The main differences are in the surrounding brush marks which vary on every print.

In most cases the artist proof remains in my possession and used for exhibition but I reserve the right to offer some for sale without altering the edition.

I also reserve the right to reproduce the image for promotional purposes, for greetings cards and postcards, and for publication online or in a book.  Any such facsimiles will be made from the artist proof, they will not impact negatively on the value of your artwork and may actually enhance the value.

On occasion I may release a limited-edition of authorised reproductions as giclée prints from a digital copy of an artist's proof.  When this occurs it will be clearly stated in the description and be arranged prior to the original limited editions being released for sale.